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Choosing the Right Web Host


Choosing the right website host.


In this era of the internet doesn’t it matter that who you are, you can be a shop owner, a chef, an actor, or many more.  Whoever you are you need a website, either for your business or for yourself.  When it is about website building, the first question comes from anyone is ‘how can I choose the right host?”  Yes, this question is much important because choosing the wrong website will waste your time, money, and valuable resources. If you can’t choose the right host for you, the motive behind building the website will never succeed, rather it will create a mess. Besides, if you do not research properly before selecting a host for your website, there is a high possibility that you will be trapped or mislead.  We have identified some important points that you should know before choosing your host. 

Hosting is the single most important part of your website. You can have an AMAZING looking website but if your host is sub-par, then you have wasted your money. Your website needs to be served to your customers quickly and 24/7/365. These hosts above will be the ones who do that for you. While every website in the world experiences “downtime” it is all about how that “downtime” is overseen that makes all the difference.  These are described below:

Understanding your Need

There are plenty of hosting options available, so you must understand what you need. The following are the tips for you to understand which one of the hosting suits you or your business.  

Shared Hosting: Shared hosting is simple and classic, if it’s your first website and you do not like complexity, you should choose shared hosting.  Shared hosting is best for small to medium sites.  It is called shared hosting because a group of customers and websites share the same server.

VPS hosting

If you want some flexibility and more space and control than that of shared hosting, go for VPS or Virtual Private Hosting. You will share the server with others here also however you will get more control and flexibility.

Dedicated Hosting

If you need a high-performing website and want to have control of the website in your hand only, you have to choose dedicated hosting.  Here, you will use your server all alone and so you have the control to customize everything. 

Understand your site type

To choose the right hosting for your website, you must understand which type of content will your website hold.  Because the preference of the host varies based on the content of the website. Here are some tips for you on this:

Blogging: If you are going to build a website for blogging purposes, a WordPress host is the best choice for you. The content management system in WordPress is excellent and perfect for writers. 

Online Business

If you need a website for your online business, you must think of the privacy of the customers regarding their payment methods, customer data, etc. that’s why you have to choose an E-commerce hosting service.

Online Portfolio

There are people who need a website for showing their presence on the internet. Especially the job seeker who has no idea and/ or time to build a website though they need to show their presence on the internet needs a website.  If you are one of them, you must choose a website builder, who will design your website faster to show your works on it. 

Personal Website

If you are thinking of building a personal website to share your personal resources with friends and family, you should find a host that provides the best services at the lowest price. You can just find it by searching on the internet. 

Understanding The Components

There are different complicated resources that you need to build a website, most of the time you don’t have to do anything with these, the hosting providers do this for you. However many of them impose limitations on those resources.  You must have at least a minimum of knowledge about those. Followings are the tips for you:

Domain Name Registration: Domain gives you the address of your website.  Domain and hosting are two different aspects though these get combined from hosting providers.

Email and Inboxes

If you are a business person, you might choose a domain that provides advanced email features.

Storage and Ram: This is not hard to understand as we always suggest going with more.

Besides the above-discussed factors, there are pricing issues and many other issues to consider before choosing the right host. 


The hosting providers made it so easy to build a website, we just pay them. Nothing more we need to know.  However, there are a lot of fake and low-quality hosting providers.  You want to ensure you stay away and safe from them, we must be careful in choosing the host for our websites.

How Can KRR Web Design Help:

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